ADFX Awards

Celebrating the Most Effective Advertising in Ireland



Packaged and frozen foods such as pasta, meat, fish or poultry, prepared convenience foods, dairy products and substitutes, bakery goods, cereals and other foods intended primarily for breakfast, fast food, family and other restaurants, snacks, desserts, confectionery, pet food, health drinks and non-alcoholic beverages, fruit. Cleaning products, waxes, detergents, floor-care products and services, fabric softeners, paper products, domestic services, mowers, fertilizers, lawn care services, pet-care.

Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetics & Toiletries

Drugs, vitamins, first-aid products and devices, hospital and health services, health insurance, dental and medical care services, wellbeing and beauty treatments. Cosmetics, skin care, hair and nail products, fragrances and other personal care products such as deodorants, dyes and diapers.

Corporate, Finance & Services

Advertising to promote a corporation or finance company, not necessarily just their products or services. Employer branding and/or recruitment. Business services, utilities, banking, credit, charge, insurance, loans, mortgage, mutual funds, travellers cheques, advertising promoting overall image and capabilities of a financial institution. Couriers, business-related goods and services such as consultants and professional services.

IT/Telecommunications & Digital

Telephone products and services, cellular products and services, internet services, computers including desktop, portable, PDAs, modems, printers, monitors, software. IS or Broadband solutions or provider, telco equipment, network hardware, mobile operator, mobile technology, phone cards. IT training, equipment, network hardware, information security and data management systems. Out-of-Home, Mobile, Internet, Viral, websites etc

Leisure, Media & Entertainment

Audio/video/DVD (pre-recorded), games, cinema and entertainment, books, music, radio or television programming, airlines, holidays, sea, car rental, train, travel and tour operators, sports, sports equipment, culture (arts), greeting cards, or other products that are intended for gift-giving or leisure activity, Radio stations, newspapers etc..

Electrical consumer goods

Audio or visual devices e.g. TVs, radios, DVDs, cameras, sound systems.  Jewellery, fashion accessories, clothing, eyewear, hosiery, lingerie, boats.


Cars, trucks, motorcycles, both brand and model advertising, accessories and car care, in car entertainment, services, wheels and tyres.

Retail & Fashion

Chain stores, supermarkets

Alcoholic beverages

Beer, wine, spirits, champagne, ready-to-drink beverages, liqueurs, cocktails

Public Service, Social Welfare & Education

Any general consumer awareness campaign intended to educate the general population and/or bring about a change in consumer behaviour in relation to some health or societal related issue. Emergency Appeals, charities and funds; NGOS, Government information, Forces Recruitment, Road and Public Safety; Environment and animal welfare, Health and Hygiene; State education; State Employment Organisations; Election campaigns & Political advertising.

Small Budget

Awarded to the best paper with a total marketing communications budget under €200k (including production and creative work, agency fees and any media spend).

New Launch

A campaign that has achieved a highly successful product or service launch. The commercial communications must have been key to the success of the launch.

Long Term Effectiveness

A campaign which has run for a minimum of 3 or more years, with proof that the choice and use of commercial communications were key to the campaign's success. 

Judges Awards

Grand Prix

All Gold winners in each category will be eligible for the Grand Prix Award. This will be decided by the judges on the second round.

Best Dedication to Effectiveness

This prize is awarded to the client company that has consistently demonstrated its commitment to effectiveness and evaluation.

Best new learning

This prize rewards the best contribution to new learning in terms of insight, deployment, ideas and/or measurement and evaluation.

Best use of research

Awarded to the campaign that demonstrates smart interpretation of data and/or research that led to insights and strategies, which delivered set marketing results and business impact.