Creativity Matters

6th November 2015

The business case for creative bravery

Since 1954 Cannes Lions has encouraged and enabled creativity in branded communications because we believe it can be a powerful force for business, for change and for good.

During that time, we’ve also found that creativity is fluid and mercurial by nature, so we’ve resisted trying to define it. “It’s like love,” said Bill Bernbach. “The more you analyse it, the faster it disappears.” However, if originality is at the heart of creativity, then it’s understandable that a creative approach has often been viewed as a risky one. To try something new takes courage and determination, which is why we talk about the need for “creative bravery”. Great ideas often have to be fought for, but there are compelling reasons for doing so. Put simply, creativity has now become measurably effective, which makes pursuing it as a business strategy look less like a leap of faith and more like a sound commercial decision.