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Celebrating the Most Effective Advertising in Ireland

Entry Questions

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Generic Questions

Market Type


Section 1 - Paper details

Campaign Length

Campaign Type


Section 2 - Overall Effectiveness

What was the brand's average market share before the start of the campaign you are evaluating?

What was the brand's average market share after the campaign?

What level of payback was achieved by the campaign you are evaluating? N.B. Include the level of time-frame for ROMI as well.

Which of the following pricing categories does the brand fall into?


Section 3 - Campaign Objectives

Commercial Cases Only - Which of the following would you consider to be business objectives of the campaign?

Below you will find a list of broad ways in which your campaign might have sought to change consumer behaviour attitudes and beliefs. Please indicate which of these you would consider to be of primary importance.

 PrimarySecondaryNot Applicable
Building brand awareness/knowledge
Differentiation or vitality setting the brand apart
Creating brand values or user imagery that strengthens the brands relationship with consumer
Building the salience/fame of the brand getting it talked about or perceptions of its strength or authority
Building a belief in the esteem and perceived quality of the brand
Building commitment to the brand / a feeling of loyalty / brand relevance
Building a sense of trust or security in the brand
Directly influencing short-term behaviour such as trial website visits or search click-throughs or other direct response or overcoming barriers to purchase

Did the planning for your campaign draw on insights derived from behavioural economics?

Commercial Cases Only. Please please do your best to answer this question!
What was

Over the campaign evaluation period what was (a) the media spend of your brand (b) the total category media spend and (c) your brand share of voice in the following key media channels?

  Brand Spend (€) Total Category Spend (€) Brand Share of Voice (%) TV Cinema Radio Outdoor Press Digital Other Total

What proportion of your overall campaign was accounted for by the following?

Did the campaign that you have evaluated win any major creative advertising or media awards?

If yes, which of the following major creative advertising and media awards were won by the campaign you have evaluated? Please advise whether the awards were grand prix, gold, silver, or bronze in the ‘Other’ box below.